To start to talk about jobGears( i must rewind few years.
So, all of this started about 2 years ago when getGears(Compnay composed by me, Rafael, Orvalho and Ricardo) received a proposal to develop a job search portal to AEIST(Student Association of Instituto Superior Técnico) called jobShop( ). The goal of the project was to give students an opportunity to create their CV and to make a really good interface between companies and students in a hiring process, we’ve accepted because we’ve found it interesting and we wanted to test ourselves working as a team.
For the project we decided to split responsibilities between us, so Ricardo and Orvalho took the server side and me and Rafael took the front-end.
Despite our inexperience i think it’s fair to say we did a good job and most important, that showed us our potential when we work as a team.
After the project we realize that jobShop could be a really good idea if it was applied in a different way, so at November 2009 i decided to took it further and started to rebuild the project but this time with other goal, users can build their CV “on the fly” in a simple WYSIWYG interface, export it in pdf format and attach it to their openId account if they want.

First step i took was to follow MVC development pattern, for that i decided to use Django Web Framework(i know Django uses a MVT pattern but it matches with the goal of the porject too), and perform a code cleaning in mine old JavaScript. Between the JS cleaning and the rebuilding of the backend it took me a month. However it didn’t stop here, next thing that must be highlighted is the presentation of jobGears in Codebits 2009 – Lisbon at 5 December, but that i’ll talk about latter in my next blog entry.


Hi, for those who are reading this i must advice that this entry is mine first one, I’ve decided to move my hands and write something useful, however it will not happen in this mine first. This one it’s just an introduction.
So from now on i’ll publish a sort of random posts, some about my general life, some about stuff that i find interesting but i’ll try to focus my attention in the main issues for me::: Information Technologies/Coding. As you may know, it’s not so that easy to just “start writing” something but next days i promise i’ll right down something.

Stay tunned!

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