About jobGears – Chapter 1

To start to talk about jobGears(http://jobgears.net) i must rewind few years.
So, all of this started about 2 years ago when getGears(Compnay composed by me, Rafael, Orvalho and Ricardo) received a proposal to develop a job search portal to AEIST(Student Association of Instituto Superior Técnico) called jobShop( http://jobshop.ist.utl.pt ). The goal of the project was to give students an opportunity to create their CV and to make a really good interface between companies and students in a hiring process, we’ve accepted because we’ve found it interesting and we wanted to test ourselves working as a team.
For the project we decided to split responsibilities between us, so Ricardo and Orvalho took the server side and me and Rafael took the front-end.
Despite our inexperience i think it’s fair to say we did a good job and most important, that showed us our potential when we work as a team.
After the project we realize that jobShop could be a really good idea if it was applied in a different way, so at November 2009 i decided to took it further and started to rebuild the project but this time with other goal, users can build their CV “on the fly” in a simple WYSIWYG interface, export it in pdf format and attach it to their openId account if they want.

First step i took was to follow MVC development pattern, for that i decided to use Django Web Framework(i know Django uses a MVT pattern but it matches with the goal of the porject too), and perform a code cleaning in mine old JavaScript. Between the JS cleaning and the rebuilding of the backend it took me a month. However it didn’t stop here, next thing that must be highlighted is the presentation of jobGears in Codebits 2009 – Lisbon at 5 December, but that i’ll talk about latter in my next blog entry.


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